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Articles  and Projects

UNOVIS, Vitebsk 1920

Hand written and typed book with lithographed covers and four original drawings by Lazar Khidekel and a introductory page with his handwritten and signed statement that precedes the typewritten articles by Khidekel and Chashnik. 

“AERO. Articles and Projects” was released in November 1920 and concludes the training period in the Lissitzky’s studio of typography and architecture.  The term Suprematism is not used by the authors, but this unique document presents the first approaches in mastering Suprematism as an artistic and philosophical movement by young artists and considered as one of the first publications of UNOVIS.

The title “AERO” connoted the Lazar Khidekel’s embrace of a new world space as the realm of art that would include the universe. It has defined his “ethereal vision” which he carried through his career.AERO is considered one of the first manifestoes of ecologists in modern history. 

Using lithographic workshop and skills gained from Lissitzky’s lessons in the construction of the book and typography Lazar Khidekel and Ilya Chashnik produced their own publication. Their versions might be slightly different - Lazar Khidekel’s “AERO” was inserted with 4 original drawings and a page with his handwritten and signed statement that precedes the typewritten article.

AERO 1920 cover
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